Sliced Chocolate For Sandwiches – Where was this hidding

Our friendly neighbors on that planet called Japan have new invention that I wish it existed long time ago. Now you can get your dose of chocolate in form of slices. Yes, Sliced Chocolate!! Specialists have been suggesting chocolate in your sandwich for quite a long time, yet the Japanese have at long last done it! A Japan-based organization, has begun to offer chocolate slices like Kraft cheese singles. Every pack contains five two-millimeter (0.08-inch) thick cuts.

You can put these chocolate slices on your sandwiches, pancakes, fruits, crackers and pretty much on anything you like with chocolate.

Bourbon’s online shop offers mass requests comprising of twelve, five-slice for 3,240 yen (US$27). The “nama” chocolate used to make the slices softer with more flavor than milk chocolate.

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